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Accessing the Adoption Support Fund at 18

One member shares their journey of how they accessed the adoption support fund after  turning 18 and their experience of different types of therapies. Useful for any adopted person wanting to access the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).


Turning 18 – Questions to consider before accessing your adoption files

18 is considered the age at which legally a person becomes an adult and for an adopted person that means they can access your adoption file. It is a personal choice for everyone, but here are some questions to consider before starting the process.


Adopteens : Myth vs Reality leaflet

A fantastic resource that separates adoption fact from adoption fiction. Aimed at helping peers understand the facts of adoption, how it differs to fostering and how to start a conversation about adoption.


Adopteens : Top tips for school

We’ve given our tops tips an almighty boost with this updated version. More depth, more detail and more Kazam! An ideal resource for sharing within your schools and colleges. Try ranking these in order of importance for you. Or add your own priorities!


Department for Education Poster

Adopteens sharing with schools what they believe needs to change – This poster was created for the DfE and was printed in Adoption friendly school guidance in 2015


Film Review – Instant Family

How adoption is portrayed in the media is very important as it shapes how people understand adoption. Adopteens members give an honest & balanced review of this popular hollywood film.

This is useful read for anyone and everyone.


Adopteens Social Media Guide

We asked Adopteens members what social media they used and how safe they felt on it. they also shared how they feel parents can best support them with it


Self Care Tips for Teenagers

Adopteens members share how they look after themselves after a bad day!


Letter to my Younger Self

Life lessons from your future